Gigi Hadid X Maybelline Collection

Step into Gigi’s inner beauty world with the launch of her new collection, designed by Gigi herself. East Coast Glam and West Coast Glow give you everything you need to easily re-create Gigi’s iconic looks in your own unique way.

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East Coast Glam

A bold, clean cat eye made with liquid & gel liner.

A fresh, natural face created with tinted primer & subtle liquid highlighter.

A blend of shadow from two matte eye contour palettes, plus long lush lashes.

A perfect creamy matte nude lip.

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West Coast Glow

A tinted primer to naturally contour your face, plus golden liquid highlighter to get your glow.

A soft, glam eye created with two miniature eye shadow palettes, each with six Gigi-crafted shades.

A popping eye look made with volumizing mascara and brightening nude eyeliners.

A strong matte red lip.

PS: The collection is available at


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